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EDGE PT-E300: How to Use it

Learn more: http://bit.ly/PT-E300 The PT-E300 is an industrial handheld labeler that is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Producing professional labels with text, symbols and barcodes shouldn't take hours of training or constant trips to the product manual. Designed to optimize ease, durability, versatility and performance, the PT-E300 offers hundreds of built-in symbols and nine industry-standard barcode symbols with the ability to store and recall up to 50 of your most-used label templates.

When you create a label with the PT-E300, your text, symbols and barcodes are printed on the underside of a clear protective laminate and then bounded to the adhesive and other substrates as the label is printed. The laminated labels can stand up to harsh environments–indoors and outdoors.